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Soul Winning Tools, The Best Approaches To Take.

Soul Winning Tools, The Best Approaches To Take.

Soul-winning refers to making more people conversant with the knowledge about Jesus Christ as the savior. It focuses on changing the perspective that people have towards Christianity. In the end, a considerable number should be able to identify with God and his ways. They should live following the rules, for they will know the promise that awaits them, salvation. For this mission to get achieved, it is imperative to employ some soul winning tools. These will work precisely since the methods are straightforward and achievable.

Verse Kits.

Verse kits are vital soul winning tools for anyone who has vested their time for this noble purpose. Take time and search for relevant verses that will draw more souls into the congregation. These verses should all originate from the bible, where the people can read them at their homes’ comfort. Focus more on topics like receiving eternal life and salvation. They should enlighten people on following Jesus’ path since he is the only way to salvation. Shed more light on faith and not works. Teach them about the ten commandments and the consequences of not adhering to the rules. Touch on everyday life tips like family, sex, and alcohol consumption. Through these tips, you will be encouraging more learning. Thus people will gain a more and straightforward understanding of God’s ways. Through this approach, there will be first-hand impact and the need to want to learn more. More people will come closer and, in the long run, keep winning more souls.




As an institution, it is vital to offer guidelines if you want to win more souls. Providing relevant links and websites as a soul winning tool is one way of achieving this goal. These sources should be resourceful regarding equipping the members about Christianity. You can fuse both written, video, and audio materials. Touch on all topics that may raise controversy, making people shun away from the ministry. Such factors include the differences arising from science and Christianity, living worthily before God’s ways, and how to trust and believe. Christians must learn that every day of their life is something that God has already planned. Therefore, in every step they take, they should have gratitude as their motto. Provide quick tests to see how much they require God and the actions to create a better relationship.

Evangelism Library.

It takes time for someone to come to terms with all the evangelization ways. One successful approach to achieve this goal is by creating a library. The location must-have materials that the target group can read and expand their knowledge on the vital aspects. Load it with books, videos, and audios that can nurture this seed and let it flourish in every soul. Provide access to all the members since they would prefer to read at the comfort of their homes. Additionally, you can create a platform for clarifying any concerns they might be having. This way, you will have an assurance that you are all headed in the same direction.

Using the above soul winning tools, you will successfully bring more people to light and teach them more about the gospel.

Understanding How To Evangelize

Sharing your faith can be challenging at best. Understanding how to evangelize will go far in helping you to take steps in the right direction. To start with, you’ll want to start every day with prayer. Ask God how to go about your day to best evangelize for Him.

Before you can begin to evangelize, you’ll need to prepare your heart. To do this, approach your day with contemplation and prayer. Ask God to show you the opportunities to evangelize and glorify Him the most. Ask God to put the right people in front of you so that you’ll have the opportunity.

Ask friends and family who are of like mind to keep you in their prayers during the times that you plan to be out evangelizing. This will help give you the encouragement that you need to share your faith and help others around you who may need help and prayer.

Step out of your comfort zone and get to know those around you. Don’t just walk by and smile with your head down staring at your feet. Smile, look people in the eye, and tell them “Hello”. This will seem uncomfortable at first, but the more you do it, the easier it will become.

Offer to pray for those who are in need. Consider the person you may have just met. If you know that they’re having a hard time (many will share this with you in some form or fashion even on the first meeting) offer to pray for them right then and there. Then tell them you’ll continue praying for them.

Offer them your phone number or agree to meet them again at the same location tomorrow and see how things are going and pray for them again. When you get home, remember to pray for them and commit their name to memory so that you can always greet them by name.

Remember that evangelizing isn’t just done by word, it’s also done by deed. Let your actions speak louder than your words. Consider what your actions may show to others. Were you civil and polite when someone stole your parking spot in the parking lot? Or, were you friendly and smiling? This can reflect on your testimony and evangelism so make sure that you’re following through in all that you do.

Evangelism will present itself to you when you least expect it. You’ll want to ask God to help you tune into Him so that you’ll see the opportunities that He is laying in front of you to share the gospel with others. Not everyone is receptive at first. Sometimes, you’ll be the one to plant the seed and someone else will come along and water it and fertilize it.

Once you understand how to evangelize, it will come easier for you. The more you do it, the more it will become a habit that you simply step into on a daily basis. Remember, gird yourself with the armor of God and ask Him to show you the way.

Effective Ways On How To Share Your Faith

Effective Ways On How To Share Your Faith

Remember how you were introduced to God? Maybe a friend of yours invited you to an outreach event at their church. Maybe you heard someone give a personal testimony of how he found salvation, and you were moved by it. Whatever path you took to get to this point in your life, this was a result of someone sharing their faith with you. Now, it is your turn to pass on God’s message to someone who needs to hear it. If you are wondering how you can do this, read on to get ideas on how to share your faith.

There are different ways to do this depending on whom you want to reach out to. Let’s start with sharing your faith with one of your friends. If you attend a church regularly, chances are there are outreach events every now and then. Find out when the next one is, and invite him. You can tell him how this community of brothers and sisters are important to you in the family of God. Tell him how you were brought to God and what a difference it made in your life after you found salvation. Look for opportunities to open this dialog. If you sense that your friend is not ready to dive into this, that’s okay. The conversation does not have to be deep and heavy. Keep it light and casual. Once you sow the seed, there will be opportunities for it to grow.

Sometimes you do not have to say much. You can bear witness to God by your actions. People notice when you do things from your heart. They see how you care about other people, your show of kindness, and your generosity. When they express appreciation for the things you are doing for them, redirect this thanks to God for giving you this opportunity to serve them. Let them know that without God in your life, you would not be able to do all of this. Your words, supported by your actions, will make a positive impression on those around you.

Do not worry if you think you are not articulate enough. You are not expected to give a sermon. When you talk about your faith, be yourself. If you have a sense of humor, think about something funny that happened when you first embarked on your journey to God. If you found God when you were at a low point in your life, describe what that experience was like. Just speak from your heart. When you are genuine, you will touch others, and they will trust you more.

There are really no set rules on how to share your faith. You just have to recognize an opportunity when it presents itself. It does not mean that you are preaching to the other person. You are just going to share how God’s salvation changed your life so you can be where you are today. Keep it real, speak with humility from the heart, and your message will touch the souls of others.

Effective Soul Winning Methods

Spreading the Word of God is something that Christians are tasked to do. Remember how you felt when you received the message of God’s love and you accepted Christ into your life as your Savior? That was a life-changing moment for you. Someone shared that message with you and won your soul over to God. Now, it is your turn. Here are some effective soul winning methods that you can try in your efforts to spread the Word of God.

First of all, do not misinterpret what you need to do. Winning souls does not mean you are expected to stand behind the pulpit and preach to a congregation. That is not it at all. It means you find opportunities to bear witness to God in your daily life and to win people over to God’s side, one at a time.

One of the most effective ways is by living a Godly life. People might forget what you say to them, but they remember what you do. Compassion, forgiveness, kindness, generosity, are just a few characteristics of a Godly life. You are able to treat your fellow man this way because God treats you this way. Your actions will touch the lives of others, and through you, God touches their souls. That is a powerful message. When people tell you how much they appreciate the love and care that you are showing them, give the praise to God. Tell them that you are merely God’s instrument in showing them how much God loves them. Lead that into the message of salvation. By combining your words with your actions, people will see that your words are not empty words. They will be more willing to trust what you say.

If you are still uncomfortable about doing this yourself, join your church in doing some community outreach as a group. God’s message of salvation can be combined with volunteer work like feeding the hungry or talking with people in shelters. When you provide something that will fulfill their physical needs, combine that with God’s message about their spiritual needs.

If you want win over a friend or family member, and you are not ready to dive into a conversation about their salvation, a lighter approach is to invite them to a church event. Church concerts, special performances during Easter or Christmas, are all good opportunities for church members to bring friends and family who have not yet accepted Christ into their lives. They will feel the the love and energy percolating through the audience. They will be welcomed there. They will receive the message of salvation during their attendance. When you get home, you can talk about it some more to reinforce the message. Your friend might not make a decision right away, but that seed has been sown, and you can help it grow by being there for your friend.

There are other soul winning methods, but these are just a few examples. Remember, God will be with you, so there is nothing to fear.

How To Start Soul Winning, The Right Steps To Follow.

How To Start Soul Winning, The Right Steps To Follow.

Evangelizing is a task that can bear fruits if you employ the proper strategies. These guidelines will help you learn more on how to start soul winning and converting the nonbelievers. Soul winners have to go through prior training as per the schedules of the institutions they represent. These lessons equip them with skills on how to handle any situations they might face in their journey. The mission requires a lot of physical and psychological input. Most of the people who need evangelism are those that barely know anything about Jesus Christ. The other half includes those who have the right picture but fell out due to other life distractions. Nevertheless, through regular pieces of training, soul winners then achieve this goal successfully.

Seek Guidance.

The first step on how to start soul winning is preparing yourself for the task. Soul winners must seek guidance from people who have undertaken the task prior. Although it seems like a job you can learn from books, practical experience is like no other. The kind of people you aim to meet might not share the same ideologies as you. So, how do you break the ice and start conversations with them? What do you say after the greeting to avoid sending them on their heels? The experience that previous soul-winners have garnered can make this situation straightforward. Ask on tips to handle people that are not forthcoming to the gospel. Your focus should not interfere with their privacy but to bring their souls to the light that is God. Look for relevant materials in regards to books and handouts that you can offer.

Pray For Gods Intervention.

Although you will seek help from your colleagues within the church setting, it is also vital to ask for help from above. Winning souls involves spreading the gospel to people who know it and those who don’t. It consists of making them aware of what is in the bible by simplifying all the verses. It is also trying to associate everyday life struggles with the life of the Lord Savior Jesus Christ. By doing this, the people that you preach to will have a first-hand understanding of the word of God. They will not find it a difficult period of normalizing a righteous life. The prior help will help make the meeting become a smooth process. The gospel will be well received, and within a short period, you can notice a considerable number of people making follow-ups.

Learn The Gospel.

The first aspect is learning the gospel. You cannot teach what you don’t know. It is the things that you have sufficient knowledge that you can comfortably share with either your friend or strangers. Learning the gospel as a course and getting examined is one way to meeting this purpose. Spare time and take classes before you embark on the soul-winning mission and understand every bit of it. You will be surprised by how much you didn’t know.

Knowledge is power and the only way to learn how to start winning souls. The process is tedious, but once you begin teaching others, you will look back and appreciate your efforts.