Effective Soul Winning Methods

Spreading the Word of God is something that Christians are tasked to do. Remember how you felt when you received the message of God’s love and you accepted Christ into your life as your Savior? That was a life-changing moment for you. Someone shared that message with you and won your soul over to God. Now, it is your turn. Here are some effective soul winning methods that you can try in your efforts to spread the Word of God.

First of all, do not misinterpret what you need to do. Winning souls does not mean you are expected to stand behind the pulpit and preach to a congregation. That is not it at all. It means you find opportunities to bear witness to God in your daily life and to win people over to God’s side, one at a time.

One of the most effective ways is by living a Godly life. People might forget what you say to them, but they remember what you do. Compassion, forgiveness, kindness, generosity, are just a few characteristics of a Godly life. You are able to treat your fellow man this way because God treats you this way. Your actions will touch the lives of others, and through you, God touches their souls. That is a powerful message. When people tell you how much they appreciate the love and care that you are showing them, give the praise to God. Tell them that you are merely God’s instrument in showing them how much God loves them. Lead that into the message of salvation. By combining your words with your actions, people will see that your words are not empty words. They will be more willing to trust what you say.

If you are still uncomfortable about doing this yourself, join your church in doing some community outreach as a group. God’s message of salvation can be combined with volunteer work like feeding the hungry or talking with people in shelters. When you provide something that will fulfill their physical needs, combine that with God’s message about their spiritual needs.

If you want win over a friend or family member, and you are not ready to dive into a conversation about their salvation, a lighter approach is to invite them to a church event. Church concerts, special performances during Easter or Christmas, are all good opportunities for church members to bring friends and family who have not yet accepted Christ into their lives. They will feel the the love and energy percolating through the audience. They will be welcomed there. They will receive the message of salvation during their attendance. When you get home, you can talk about it some more to reinforce the message. Your friend might not make a decision right away, but that seed has been sown, and you can help it grow by being there for your friend.

There are other soul winning methods, but these are just a few examples. Remember, God will be with you, so there is nothing to fear.

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