Effective Ways On How To Share Your Faith

Effective Ways On How To Share Your Faith

Remember how you were introduced to God? Maybe a friend of yours invited you to an outreach event at their church. Maybe you heard someone give a personal testimony of how he found salvation, and you were moved by it. Whatever path you took to get to this point in your life, this was a result of someone sharing their faith with you. Now, it is your turn to pass on God’s message to someone who needs to hear it. If you are wondering how you can do this, read on to get ideas on how to share your faith.

There are different ways to do this depending on whom you want to reach out to. Let’s start with sharing your faith with one of your friends. If you attend a church regularly, chances are there are outreach events every now and then. Find out when the next one is, and invite him. You can tell him how this community of brothers and sisters are important to you in the family of God. Tell him how you were brought to God and what a difference it made in your life after you found salvation. Look for opportunities to open this dialog. If you sense that your friend is not ready to dive into this, that’s okay. The conversation does not have to be deep and heavy. Keep it light and casual. Once you sow the seed, there will be opportunities for it to grow.

Sometimes you do not have to say much. You can bear witness to God by your actions. People notice when you do things from your heart. They see how you care about other people, your show of kindness, and your generosity. When they express appreciation for the things you are doing for them, redirect this thanks to God for giving you this opportunity to serve them. Let them know that without God in your life, you would not be able to do all of this. Your words, supported by your actions, will make a positive impression on those around you.

Do not worry if you think you are not articulate enough. You are not expected to give a sermon. When you talk about your faith, be yourself. If you have a sense of humor, think about something funny that happened when you first embarked on your journey to God. If you found God when you were at a low point in your life, describe what that experience was like. Just speak from your heart. When you are genuine, you will touch others, and they will trust you more.

There are really no set rules on how to share your faith. You just have to recognize an opportunity when it presents itself. It does not mean that you are preaching to the other person. You are just going to share how God’s salvation changed your life so you can be where you are today. Keep it real, speak with humility from the heart, and your message will touch the souls of others.

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